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Hotpot night!

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Hotpot is super popular in China, and wherever you can see Chinese. So a lot of places… It’s tasty, goes with loads of variations, and super easy to put together. It contains no more than an awesome bullion and whatever goodies you can possibly throw in there.


Tonight I used chicken stock plus two types of Korean paste to make my bullion, not as good as the real thing, but not as greasy either. The nice thing about eating hotpot is you get strangely happy, hot and eat a lot. Since its homemade I highly doubt its because of some funny substances working, guess its just the spirit!LOL


Had cookies n yogurt as desert, after training we are going to make ‘kwark taart’, sorta German cheesecake, but a light version. Hope it will turn out well.

And the first time I got packaged sandwiches in school. Doesn’t worth the price.



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  1. I found u had a gourmet blog hahaha


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