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Cheesecake throughout the day

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So we decided to make a light cheesecake with kwark, and it was simply amazing.
We used 500g of skimmed kwark, klopklop (or whipping cream), egg white and tropical fruit for the filling, lady fingers soaked in pina colada as body. Very tropical huh? We didn’t even notice.


And thats our breakfast portion…it’s light fluffy creamy sweet and refreshing, because of the mild tangy flavor from the kwark


Paired with my favourite atm


Of course for lunch too, with some mushroom omelette



And for dinner I had some stir-fried butternut squash+ spinach, and shared some simple salsa salad with my hunny, whom was enchanted by his frikandel + dikke frites. Unfortunately, those weren’t exactly the photogenic type, besides they were gone in een ogenblikje, time

We are going to make quiche again!


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  1. Whyyyy do I read things like this before lunch? Folly!

    Also, check your title!


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