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Clean up my phone

We\ve been taking a lot of photos of food we made since we started living on our own together. It’s a lot of experimenting and fun. Of course and a lot of calories. But it’s worth it, combined with some exercise.

My phone is stuffed with foodies pictures now it starts to annoy me whenever I’m trying to look for something. So i decided to put all of them on my computer and blog to make sure I can see them everywhere to remind me of the good time we had.

Chicken cordon bleuimage

Apple crumbleimage

Egg tartimage

Sticky rice meat roll. veryveryvery chinese, I used to eat this stuff when I was in kindergarden.image

Very nice laverder honey with nuts. gives you a luxury feeling when eating it, or dipping in it.image

Large amount of egg tarts. veryvery good, better than the ones you can buy. In fact you can’t buy it anywhere in Amsterdam. For some reason this stuff is really popular in china.image

I love to shop in the xxx retail store. They have quality supplies.image

For a special occasion, very manly name too, IMO. Beef Wellinton.image

Seafood nightimage

Custard pieimage

This is what we ordered in Einstein Cafe in Vienna, Austria. It’s so my thing, most satisfying eat out when we traveled. Good atmosphere too.image

2011 Chinese New Year image

My killer sconesimage

The full english. Makes you full.image

My valentines gift from my dear sweet heart. So sweet.image


Should we eat less???


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