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What have you been eating?

Soup for breakfast!image

We just started a ‘new training’, it’s basically a short time period interval training, and preferrably in the morning, on a empty stomache. What can I say?  I love breakfast!!! Just as much as lunch and dinner 😉

The wasa cracker right here is terrific! It’s really high in fiber, and it tastes really good. When i bought this pack I almost expected it tasting like crap (not literally obviously), but it really smashed my face with such a good taste.

Together with some homemade foccacia, tuna, applesauce, jam and soup, we had a really satisfiying weekend breakfast.

imageWhat on earth is this??? This is also a twist of a very popular dessert/ snack in China, its coconut milk and pearl (I forgot how exactly it is called…) Anyways it has a strong coconutty milky flavour, with the round smooth texture from the peral. And that’s what I made for my BF as a workday breakfas

And this is … I dunno what it is either…experienment I guess, it tastes great at least. Veggies with beef, chinese style, hence, chinese presentation style too






imageLooks like it’s been approved.image








BBQ Pizza and Chicken curry, love making curry, veryvery rewarding.image



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