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Drowsy day

It’s a typical sucky Dutch weather today here. Whenever the weather is bad I just couldn’t get up, always feeling exhausted and my productivity drops like hell…What is it, is it my female hormone working? Seriously I HATE the weather here! Last time we went out a drunk guy started talking to me : Do you like Amsterdam?  Me: yea?  Him: Do you like the weather? I felt like punching in his face.

Statistics tutorial sucked. Got my login code for the course, done some exercise, I’m hungry now. Dun feel like doing anything…I need some SLEEP!!! And I wana go to the gym. After that eat a lot of of good food.

Tonight it’s dutch lesson time again.. hope my portfolio went well then I’ll sent it out. my dutch still sucks, I’d like to have more time to study. But this term, 3 courses plus the potential resits from the last term…And looking for internships…That’s a lot of emails to send.

Wish me luck!


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