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Easter and all

My roasted honey mustard chicken thigh. It was good but I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the flavour into the meat, deep inside… served with brown rice. .image

My awesome slippers! The print is so cool, and I got them rather accidently.image

My foreigner twist of the famous broodje haring! The little raw fish is one of my favourite Dutch cuision.image

Chicken chipotle…pretty much fried chicken breast with a nice buttery pan sauce. I like making pan sauce and all kinds of sauces lately. Specially with some wine or liquer in it. Yesterday night I made caramel whisky muffins and coffee whisky panna cotta, like the little burning flavour in your throat.image

Nice oatmeal crisps. Yes I think they are too crispy to be called cookies.image

The foam of fat from my mushroom salmon white sauce,lol.image

This is the caramel whisky muffin I mentioned. The texture is really really funnny, it’s really crispy on the top and kinda chewy on the bottom. Anyways I liked it, and it tastes a bit like fortune cookies.image

The following are pictures I took during Easter brunch with the in law’s. It’s the easter brunch from American Hotel Amsterdam, jazz hall seafood buffet. Ingredients are fresh and delicate, I really enjoyed it. Had some quality time with the in law’s,haha me like. image






When I was taking these pictures my favorite dessert of the day hasn’t come up yet, its a really refreshing passion fruit sorbet cake. oh btw LOVE the chocolate fondue!!!!!!Specially the white one, yea I like my white choco alryt. 😛


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