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Before even more good things come along

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Fay is jarig! After nobody decided to show up for my birthday invitation, I was glad I arranged this picnic,lol Embarrassing? Meh

Look at all these food. Plus the buffet the night before I was a stuffed piggy.

This year’s birthday had a german theme, for some reason. We went to Oberhausen for its famous shopping mall. After trapped in this tiny and flat country I got the feeling of the saying: Big is beautiful. Besides the size, which is still nothing compared to some shopping malls in China, they really have some good stuff there. Good quality cream eyeshadow for 2.50 euro. Golden. Food was good too, large assortment and tasty. Oh me and my german sausages. I love german sausages, seriously. The meat product.

Fay’s bakery had a new comer: applesauce scones. We took these to portugal and they got me through the few days quite well.

And the black forrest cake from Mom in law. Can you believe I finished the whole thing within one day? What? Tis my birthday, is it not?








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