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Back from Berlin

Has been forever since my last post

That’s because I’m kinda busy with two full time jobs

Kind of …

After a long period of stressing day n nyt working routine, Roy and I went to Berlin for Christmas. Involves a lot of eating and museum hopping. We had a good time 🙂

Now heading to the in laws, tomorrow will restart the usual things again.

Every time after our trip I have a mixed feeling of glad to be home and don’t really wana come back yet …but you gona do what you gona do

Question is… Going back to China this year or not?

Need to lose weight…



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  1. i’m going back this summer, for the very first time since i left
    wish i can see u in that sexy thin dress back there 😉


    • im not quite sure i’ll be able to go back this summer cuz i have thesis graduation master and internship all stuck together…but if you wana see some sexy figures, dont depend on me…you know what office jobs bring you,haha

      Anyways, take care and we will see each other soon 🙂


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