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Catching a break after day’s work and study

Can you imagine i’ve been working/studying ever since 8:30am till now? I feel like such a workaholic and pathetic, completely lifeless….yet im loving it! For the fact that I can really push myself to finish things on my list with satisfactory results…

Now listening to some Faye Wong before I go to bed, yep my high school favourite singer. Life has changed soooooo much since high school, no matter location, my friends, the way I see things and the lives we are living…..And of course it’s funny that I still use my high school as a bench mark of my life. I can only say it was absolutely unforgettable.

Good night fellas, wish you all a good day tomorrow, maybe have a nice dream about going back to high school 🙂


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business student big ambitions, big visions and big stomache

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