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I’m about to go crazy

Wana get rid of this ASAP


Catching a break after day’s work and study

Can you imagine i’ve been working/studying ever since 8:30am till now? I feel like such a workaholic and pathetic, completely lifeless….yet im loving it! For the fact that I can really push myself to finish things on my list with satisfactory results…

Now listening to some Faye Wong before I go to bed, yep my high school favourite singer. Life has changed soooooo much since high school, no matter location, my friends, the way I see things and the lives we are living…..And of course it’s funny that I still use my high school as a bench mark of my life. I can only say it was absolutely unforgettable.

Good night fellas, wish you all a good day tomorrow, maybe have a nice dream about going back to high school 🙂

Wish my baby good luck


Back from Berlin

Has been forever since my last post

That’s because I’m kinda busy with two full time jobs

Kind of …

After a long period of stressing day n nyt working routine, Roy and I went to Berlin for Christmas. Involves a lot of eating and museum hopping. We had a good time 🙂

Now heading to the in laws, tomorrow will restart the usual things again.

Every time after our trip I have a mixed feeling of glad to be home and don’t really wana come back yet …but you gona do what you gona do

Question is… Going back to China this year or not?

Need to lose weight…


I love my job! And im so gosh darn lucky!!!

Pictures from China to be uploaded

Me and Roy had a wonderful time in china this summer, and of course I took loads of pictures mainly for food.

Only if we can living china, and only travel and eating without any sorta social contact and working,lol keep on dreaming.


Finally Internship

I’ve been working for four days now! Cant believe it!

Busy everyday, endless tasks to do, and they said the first week/month you wont be doing anything???? How busy would I be once I really start?
Liking it though so bring it on!